Food and Kitchen Links

25 Feb

From the NY Times: Seeds Straight from Your Fridge—Can you construct a crop borne of the pantry instead of the usual seed catalog?

Two great videos about mushroom hunting, featuring Leather Storrs of fantastic Portland restaurant and wine bar Noble Rot:

Burkhard Bilger talks about fermented food and bacteria, inspired by his article in the November 22nd food issue of the New Yorker.  Interviewer Blake Eskin’s great soundbite, “I have a friend who always says that the two signs of senility in men are comparison shopping and pickling.”

Jill Santopietro (currently the food editor of was a recipe tester for The NY Times Magazine, and she did all her cooking and testing in her 11.5 square foot kitchen.  The NYT used to do a fantastic cooking series with her called “Tiny Kitchen,” or, alternately, “Kitchen 4B.”  I absolutely loved this series, but always had a difficult time finding all of the videos in one place on the NYT video site.  I recently discovered that Santopietro has complied all her Tiny Kitchen/Kitchen 4B videos on her own site, so now you can find and watch them with great ease (Tiny Kitchen/Kitchen 4B links can be found at the bottom of the page).

Finally, this Wikipedia entry on the history of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s secret recipe is a real hoot.  The recipe is handwritten in pencil on a piece of notebook paper that sits in a secure, computerized vault, guarded by motion detectors and security cameras.

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