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Black and Orange: Pennant Race Edition

15 Oct

It’s a good thing that baseball’s postseason happens to take place right around Halloween. As you can see, it sure makes finding black and orange accessories a whole lot easier.

This week’s series against the St. Louis Cardinals will we watched while eating the following black and orange foods:

Mango fruit leather:

Homemade pizza with orange peppers, salt-cured black olives, and baked ricotta:

Black bean chips with ranchero sauce:

Pecans (because pecan sounds like Pagan and when you’re really, really into the playoffs, doing stuff like this just starts to seem normal after a while):

See more San Francisco Giants-themed foods here and here and here.

Last Year: Pear Cake (tender, moist, flavorful, and–surprise–it’s vegan!)

Black and Orange

7 Oct

The San Francisco Giants are in the playoffs, so, once again, it’s black and orange foods until they make it all the way to the end. Join me, won’t you?

Recipes can be found here:

Ranchero Sauce and Mexican Rice

Slow-Cooked Beans

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