Grilled Pizza with Olives, Feta, and Peppers

24 Aug

Along with last week’s foray into grilled Pizza Margherita, this grilled Mediterranean pizza made a brief appearance before it was swiftly tucked into our bellies.  It’s a simple affair, really, but no less fantastic than its predecessor.  A handful of olives, pits removed, nestles itself comfortably next to bits of feta cheese and thin slices of red pepper.  Tiny pieces of torn fresh basil complete the arrangement, and, before you know it, you’re well on your way to attempting ideas concerning how one might go about making grilled pizza a year-round affair.

Incidentally, my best friend’s father, a grilling devotee of the highest order, has figured out a way to keep his grill going year-round.  Though this feat may not sound impressive on its own, the real achievement of the story comes in when it is revealed that this man lives in Minnesota, the land of ice and snow.  Legend has it that, when the temperatures grow frigid, my best friend’s father wheels his gas grill right up against his dining room’s sliding glass door, where it will live indefinitely (or until temperatures grow warm enough to warrant going outside and grilling without running the risk of getting frostbitten).  Winter coat donned and grill tongs in hand, he will then proceed to grill away by opening the sliding glass door, quickly loading up the grill, then rapidly closing both the grill and the sliding glass door.  He repeats this process until he has grilled to his satisfaction.  To further the legend, I have heard tell that the only thing that will keep this man from grilling during the winter is a subfreezing cold so severe that it manages to make his grill’s propane gas actually change properties.

Mr. H, my hat goes off to you.

Recipe and tutorial for grilled pizza is here.  To make the pizza featured above, simply alter the topping ingredients.

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