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Ice Cream Party Plans

28 Aug

How did this happen? How is summer nearly over and I have only recently heard of Saint Cupcake’s Mobile Melty Goods cart? The cart not only serves handmade ice cream and ice cream sandwiches, but it can be rented out for parties. That’s right. You can make a fully stocked ice cream cart come to you.

Melty Goods 1


You can rent the cart for $150 for two hours, and the rental price includes two Saint cupcake employees who will wrangle all the ice cream, provide spoons and napkins, and handle all the traveling and setting up. The ice cream treats then get purchased a la carte, $4 for ice cream and cookie sandwiches, and $3 for sundae cups.


I am kind of in love with this idea. I am also really sad that my birthday is in December, because I’d really like to hire out this mobile ice cream cart for my birthday. It’s totally normal to eat ice cream treats during the dead of winter, right? Of course it is.

Street Food in India

7 Jun

Chef and activist Daniel Klein traveled all over India sampling various types of street food. Lucky for all of us, he filmed his trip and compressed it into a video that comprises a single day of eating Indian street food, from north to south. This short film is so gorgeous, I could just cry.

When I was in India, my cousins very much wanted to take me and my brother on a tour of Delhi street food vendors. My cousins had big plans to completely destroy our palates with the spiciest food they could find. Sadly, both my brother and I ended up getting sick, so we had to cancel the food tour.

(Side note: As it turned out, my brother and I had malaria. Boy, was that an interesting development.)

B-Boys BBQ

30 Apr

The Beastie Boys held a BBQ cook off  that was also a television pilot and, what the wha? How did I miss this one?

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