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Very Inspiring

10 Dec


The lovely Annashortcakes nominated me for an equally lovely award, which makes me feel all sorts of blushy and shy. It’s so nice to know that people are actually enjoying this site, and that they enjoy it enough to come back and check in, say something kind, or share a recipe or two.

So. This thing comes with rules, to which I am a total newbie. In order, accepting this award means that I shall:

1. Display the award logo on your blog
2. Link back to the person who nominated you
3. State seven things about yourself
4. Nominate fifteen other bloggers for this award and link to them
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements

I have to admit, there are some things on this list that are going to prove very difficult for me. Namely, numbers 3 and 4. To put it bluntly, I sort of loathe talking about myself (because why on earth would anyone be interested?), and I don’t know if I actually read 15 other blogs. I’ll do my best, but I can’t promise glowing results. So.

7 things about myself:

1) I take grammar and punctuation very seriously.

2) I was once featured in a series of print ads for Hewlett Packard.

3) I love skateboarding and The New Yorker with equal fervor.

4) I believe in sasquatch.

5) I do not like the word “blog.”

6) My best friend is almost 1 foot taller than me (I am quite short and she is quite tall).

7) I cut both my husband’s hair and my son’s hair.

Other noteworthy sites I shall nominate:

Will Bake for Tattoos

Spontaneous Tomato

The Crafty Cook Nook


Pinch and Swirl

Will five do? Five is all I have. Thank you so much, again, for the lovely mention, Annashortcakes. I am humbled by your generosity.

No Recipe: Cherpumple Edition

3 Oct

Image from Buzzfeed

We need to talk. Do you know what this is? This is a cake–actually, three cakes–into which is baked a pie–actually, three pies–that is then frosted in cream cheese frosting. If you are interested in food, and by that I mean that you are not just interested in eating food, but also interested in reading about food and investigating food phenomena such as the encroaching desire some people have to stuff things into other things several times over (see: the turducken), you will have heard of the cherpumple by now.

Created by performer and humorist Charles Phoenix, the cherpumple has reached the status of legends in just a few short years. As far as I can tell, the cherpumple made its first appearance in 2009, when Phoenix unleashed the dessert(s) onto the unsuspecting YouTube masses via a jaunty instructional video that was taped in a vintage kitchen appliance warehouse. The cherpumple was an instant hit. Bon Appétit Magazine was quick to pick up on it, calling it “The World’s Most Insane Dessert,” and these days a simple Google image search for “cherpumple” will net you well over 12,000 results. Recently, Food52 and Serious Eats took the idea of the cherpumple to another level and back again, holding a “Cherpumple-Off,” in which one entry featured an entire Thanksgiving meal baked into itself and stacked up, cherpumple-style, with an actual turducken layer (chicken pot pie baked into a cave of turkey and duck meatloaf) serving as the lid. Then it was frosted in mashed potatoes. This is the type of ingenuity makes me want to weep with joy.

Image from Food52

Sure, I could be utterly disgusted by all this. I mean, a cherpumple is, to be honest, a completely horrifying affair. But to take it to an entirely different level, wherein one actually creates an homage to the cherpumple that features an homage to the terducken, the cherpumple’s holy inspiration? That’s just art, my friends. I may not want to actually eat any of it, but I remain, nevertheless, impressed.

Check out Food 52’s take on the cherpumple battle here


Kitchen Tools for Kids

1 May

My son and I have been doing a fair bit of cooking lately (this is a feat more notable for him than me, obviously), and we have been greatly enjoying these incredibly charming cooking tools made by Fiesta Products.  The line of tools is called Head Chefs, for obvious reasons, and they are the perfect tools for getting your kid comfortable in the kitchen.  We were gifted a number of these wonderful kitchen tools, and we could not be happier with them.  The sifter shown above, along with the whisk shown below, are two of my son’s favorites.

Although, this spatula is another favorite.

And this spreading knife.

Okay, so we love all the tools.  How can we help ourselves?  The limbs are bendable, the feet have tiny little suction cups beneath, and each body is equipped with a pert little set of buns.  Not buns as in dinner rolls, but buns.  On their bottoms.

And, while I am at it, I could not help but share this great set of salt and pepper shakers.

Product Details

We don’t own those dinosaur goodies, but we do own this lovely set of bunny rabbit salt and pepper grinders, also a gift from a clever family member.

Product Details

I could go on like this forever, so it’s probably best that I just stop while I still have at least a small bit of composure.  I would hope that this is obvious, but I am in no way being compensated by these companies for mentioning their products. I am sharing these because I think they are fine additions to any kitchen, particularly those populated by children who have a blooming interest in cooking.

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